Dear friend, let me tell you my story

In a wooden cabin among the clouds

I ran away from sadness and worry

To heaven where the clouds are shrouds


Night stealthily crawled and stole the day

Bringing along a wind so fierce

My hands shook, cups rattled on a tray

Lightning struck what strength could pierce


A night so black, a heart so dead

Feelings that were stacked with dormant senses

A resurrection I witnessed; my eyes bled

When looking at a sky where lightning fences


Who said jasmine grows only on earth

When you can see their stems so high

They’re apt flowers for this kind of birth

Mysteriously pure in their groundless lie


Lightening woke me from this endless sleep

Strangely, it warmed my frozen heart

Hope with daylight got ready to creep

And my life stood on line to start

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