My Dawn

It’s so lonely when you’re sitting by yourself

Waiting for all those secret lights

In the deepest tunnel of darkness lives an elf

That can end millions and millions of nights


From a dot he grows to overwhelming size

And spreads his soul over green and blue

His power is great and he is so wise

A chorus of birds to meet him flew


It’s worth it to sit there and just wait

For the king of elves to show his face

In his delicate fingers, he carries the fate

Of the house of nights: leave no trace


Demolish all nights father and child

Remember if not, you’ll cease to exist

Forget you’re mild; be strong and wild

Give darkness no chance to run or resist


Thus another night was justly broken

By a beam of light weird in its beauty

Out of all dawns, one dawn I’ve chosen

To love and honor, that’s my duty

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