Magical Reality

Come with me on a voyage of discovery

Along magical souls on this lost earth

Find out all about life on God’s ferry

Recognize the relation between death and birth


The secret of God’s creation was “The Link”

All together, and for all, in harmony

If one falls, the other will sink

A creation that accepts no felony


No way the earth will wander on its own

Each planet has a fixed path to run

A Godly plan, but given on loan

One mistake, no planets, moon or sun


God used good connections to devise his plan

A closed circuit not to be touched forevermore

All bound together, and all one clan

No difference is allowed to cause a war


That’s how relationships should be built

Following God’s footsteps in this path of unity

Sleep on his bed; cover yourself by his quilt

To open your eyes on a magical reality


A person is not a color, is not a country

A being cannot be a religion or a belief

Humans cannot be divided slaves or sentry

People are not the weak and their chief


A person is: a father, a son, or daughter

A mother that misses all when all aren’t there

A heart that isn’t run as a motor

A mind that knows what’s wrong or fair


We share the same trials and aspects

Whether poor or rich, white or black

The loss of a loved one we feel in all sects

And laugh at the start of child’s life track


We are all children in God’s playground

Playing to win the prize of the same game

One team, one coach to whom we are all bound

To love each other! That’s his only aim…

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