About Artist

Meet the Artist, Fida Haddad Saadeh

When I was one year old, I started to use crayons as if I had taken art classes, as my father would share stories of my development. So, I can say that I always have been enjoying artwork a lot! It’s innate, a real, raw talent. I never took classes for it.

The love of dancing is also a huge part of my life. I guess when you are an artistic person, you are fascinated with all forms of artistic expression. 

When it comes to my poetry, my father has always been big on family gatherings and the Arabic literature. He was also a poet; may God rest his soul in peace.

He would start with a sentence and us children, had to complete the sentence. With a rhyme, with his guidance.


I'm creating a world. I want to share that feeling of enjoyment and fulfillment with others.