• The Fisherman

    A blank face, a poker player

    Throwing his dice on a greenish table

    A blank face, a soothsayer

    Watching a crystal with Godly label

  • Drink

    Drink my friend! Gulp your booze

    What is left? What is there to lose?

    Live your life on a cloud of dreams

    Where nothing lives, but everywhere seems

  • Lightening

    Lightening woke me from this endless sleep

    Strangely, it warmed my frozen heart

    Hope with daylight got ready to creep

    And my life stood on line to start

  • Valentine

    I’ve always asked myself a question

    What is love, what is affection?

    Is it a myth? Is it a dream?

    Given, yet only to redeem

  • My Dawn

    It’s so lonely when you’re sitting by yourself

    Waiting for all those secret lights

    In the deepest tunnel of darkness lives an elf

    That can end millions and millions of nights

  • Love

    Who can describe a love so pure?

    That after death will still endure

    It eats your heart, your soul, your life

    It sickens you, yet it’s your cure

  • The Difference

    I got up early one morning

    And rushed into the day

    I had so much to accomplish

    That I didn’t have time to pray

  • The Teacher I Like The Most

    I asked him to forgive me and send me a sign

    To show that I’m forgiven and he’ll always be mine

    In return, I promise to try more and stay in line

    Day after day to keep on going and not to recline

  • Classmate

    When in front the fire I sit

    With wrinkled hands and body unfit

    Pictures dance out of my life’s kit

    And we join hands in harmony

  • The Return

    When God created the universe

    He thought of poetry not of verse

    Balance and harmony were his aim

    Although not two of a kind were the same

  • Magical Reality

    Come with me on a voyage of discovery

    Along magical souls on this lost earth

    Find out all about life on God’s ferry

    Recognize the relation between death and birth

  • Eyes

    God in heaven preserve my eyes

    In them my love for you lies

    Keep them safe and make me see

    What they don’t to become wise