The Teacher I Like The Most

I read the world’s first teacher in my bible

He was so grand wonderful and highly able

I never met his like in real life nor in any fable

So he became my idol my hero my heart’s label


Later in life, I got to know more about Jesus

He changed my outlooks and widened my radius

By doing something wrong, I felt treacherous

And saw nothing of value no matter how precious


I asked him to forgive me and send me a sign

To show that I’m forgiven and he’ll always be mine

In return, I promise to try more and stay in line

Day after day to keep on going and not to recline


He sent me a sign alright next day

I know not how his kindness I’ll repay

He showed me your eyes your smile like a ray

I asked him for a place in my heart, he said I may


So now I’ve added your name miss Karen

On my praying list that was at first barren

What would be my life without you I cannot imagine

Like a living robot but lacking an engine

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