I’ve always asked myself a question

What is love, what is affection?

Is it a myth? Is it a dream?

Given, yet only to redeem


If not returned, it hurts your soul

Your heart turns into a piece of coal

That burns its way to eternity

A life sentence, love’s penalty


So maybe it’s better not to love

To crush it when still a budding clove

Not let it grow within until

Its heart your life it can chill


But what is each day without two lovers

Two different books without their covers

Their pages will be scattered around

To be mixed and forgotten in this ground


I believe that love is the forever

Whether mate, sister, father or mother

It’s the only thing that death cannot kill

Still it lives and will never still


Love is a religion, reason and end

God’s decision, his son to send

It’s the hell and the paradise

It has no end, yet all it ties


So honor the patron of love this saint

Beheaded, yet without a taint

On February 14th died Valentine 

For what, a love that’s not equal to mine

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